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the Wikipedia article on visual novels</a> or the description on
<a href=";task=view&amp;id=259&amp;Itemid=47"></a>.
To get a general idea of the genre, try one of the free short visual novels from
- <a href="">al|together 2006</a>.
+ <a href="">al|together</a>.
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strictly speaking - not be visual novels themselves. As VNDB aims to
be comprehensive, we simply accept any game that contains elements of a
visual novel and is produced by a Japanese or Japan-related company or
- doujin cicle.
+ doujin cicle, see the <a href="/d2">guidelines</a> for more information.
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To discuss about new features or to help the development of the website
itself, feel free to participate on the <a href="/t">discussion board</a>
or join us on IRC at <a href="irc://">#vndb @</a>.
- If you aren't used to IRC or are just to lazy to install a client, you can
+ If you aren't used to IRC or are just too lazy to install a client, you can
still join the chat using <a href="">the Webchat</a>.
Just choose a nickname and hit Login!