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+:SUB:Some notes
+This TODO list is just a place for Yorhel to write down his plans and ideas
+for the upcoming versions of VNDB. Keep in mind that probably not everything
+written down here will actually see the light of day.<br /><br />
+The full source code of the website is available through SVN: svn://,
+anonymous read access is allowed. The code is also available through HTTP using
+the <a href="">Web SVN</a>.<br /><br />
+There is a <a href="">beta version</a> of VNDB available
+for testing. New features will be implemented there and tested before getting
+uploaded to the actual website. Everyone is free to play around and use that
+beta version as a sandbox. Keep in mind, however, that all changes you make
+on the beta are not permanent, and will be reverted whenever I synchronise the
+beta with a more recent version of the database.<br /><br />
+Feel free to comment about the TODO list and to suggest new features on the
+<a href="">forums</a> or on <a href="irc://">
<br /><br />
-<b>Last update: 2008-05-14</b><br /><br />
+<b>Last update: 2008-06-22</b><br /><br />
-:SUB:Next version (1.16)
+:SUB:Next version (1.18)
- <li>Release dates in the current year or month without a specified day should
- be considered as not yet released</li>
- <li>Add platform (and possibly also language) icons to the VN browser</li>
- <li>Advanced search</li>
+ <li>Item-level revision numbers and extension for VNDBIDs(?)</li>
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(No particular order)
- <li>VN Staff (<a href="">topic</a>)</li>
+ <li>VN Staff and Character database (see below)</li>
<li>Integrated discussions/messageboards</li>
- <li>Character database + descriptions</li>
<li>Soundtrack listing<br />
<i>Work together with <a href="">VGMdb</a>.</i></li>
<li>Manga relations<br />
- <i>Looking for a good and comprehensive manga database to work together with</i></li>
+ <i>Looking for a good and comprehensive manga database fetch info from</i></li>
<li>New layout</li>
<li>Allow users to "subscribe" to stuff and provide notifies</li>
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<i>Requires way more users to vote on the VNs to give accurate lists</i></li>
<li>Cover images for releases</li>
<li>Split wishlist/blacklist and VNlist - VNlist should specify releases, not VNs</li>
-:SUB:New categories?
- <li>School life</li>
- <li>Tentacles</li>
- <li>Gore</li>
+ <li>Image quality/resolution field to releases</li>
+ <li>Some kind of recommendation or tagging system<br />
+ <i>I have no idea how to do this, input is more than welcome!</i></li>
+ <li>Reviews and walkthroughs/guides?<br />
+ <i>Will need an active userbase for that to work, will it really work?</i></li>
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<li>Add "characters" database</li>
<li>Create a link between VN entries and characters, same as with persons<br />
<i>Only for characters in the original release</i></li>
- <li>Add a "voiced by" link between characters and persons<br />
- <i>Only the voice actresses of the first voiced release of the game
- should be mentioned.</i></li>
+ <li>Add a "voiced by" link between characters and persons<ul>
+ <li>Only the voice actresses of the first voiced release of the game should be mentioned.</li>
+ <li>This won't work when a character is voiced more than one person (e.g. appears in
+ multiple games with different cast, or the child version is voiced by someone else)</li>
+ </ul></li>
- Recommendation systems have been stalled for now, I prefer to concentrate
- on the encyclopedic part of VNDB at this moment. A proper recommendation
- system may be implemented in the future, though.