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or to discuss about the database at our <a href="">forums</a>.
-<h3 class="home">VNDB 1.17!</h3>
+<h3 class="home">VNDB 1.18!</h3>
<p class="desc">
- This update includes improvements in the relation graph generator, adds and changes
- some categories, adds two new links to VN pages, a GTIN field to releases, and
- two new platforms.
+ Shortly after 1.17, I now present 1.18! This update includes a major change in how you refer
+ to specific revisions of an entry, adds the ability to select release dates back to 1980, NES
+ and MSX to the list of platforms, and a few warnings.
<br />
- <a href="">Read more...</a> - <a href="">news archive</a>.
+ <a href="">Read more...</a> - <a href="">news archive</a>.
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