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+-- Elm 0.19: "We've removed all Native modules and plugged all XSS vectors,
+-- it's now impossible to talk with Javascript other than with ports!"
+-- Me: "Oh yeah? I'll just run sed over the generated Javascript!"
+-- This module is a hack to work around the lack of an FFI (Foreign Function
+-- Interface) in Elm. The functions in this module are stubs, their
+-- implementations are replaced by the Makefile with calls to
+-- window.elmFfi_<name> and the actual implementations are in Ffi.js.
+-- Use sparingly, all of this will likely break in future Elm versions.
+module Lib.Ffi exposing (..)
+import Html exposing (Attribute)
+import Html.Attributes exposing (title)
+-- Set the innerHTML attribute of a node
+innerHtml : String -> Attribute msg
+innerHtml = always (title "")