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-name Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (orange)
-userid 51
-// Higurashi no Naku Koro ni skin made using an image I found in MiniTokyo
-// created: 22/01/2009 by echomateria
-// text
-maintext #2c1a18 // primary text color (also used for the menu links)
-grayedout #8c5b3b // color used for grayed-out/non-important things
-standout #c24857 // color of 'stand-out' text
-link #3c549c // primary link color (not used for the menu links)
-statok #8c6290 //#735d8b // generic 'ok' text color (used for vnlist statuses & category browser)
-statnok #824e52 //#522e38 // generoc 'not ok' text color (used for above, and as border for NSFW screenshots)
-footer #2e2536 // text color of the footer
-// titles
-maintitle #e5d3e1 // text color of the site title
-boxtitle #1b1b51 // box titles
-alttitle #35346d //#423a73 // alternative title
-// bg colors
-bodybg #f89e7e // main background color
-tabbg #9b8587 // background color of inactive tabs
-secbg #f7c7bb // secondary background color (used on input fields and table headers)
-secborder #3c549c // secondary border color (used on input fields)
-border #2c1a18 // primary border color
-boxbg #f7c7bb80 // RGBA, background color of the boxes, stacked for menu box titles and odd row numers
-// images (0 = no image)
-imglefttop bg.jpg
-// misc colors
-diffadd #c2bcc6 // background color of changes in the diff viewer
-diffdel #8c5b3b
-warnbg #ae6866 // background color of a warning box
-warnborder #612028 // ..border
-noticebg #9b8587 // notice box
-noticeborder #dc9b7f // ...and border