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2010-11-25JS: Split script.js into a separate file for each languageYorhel6-66/+79
This greatly reduces the size of the Javascript file. The compressed size has been reduced with about 9kB, and is now a total of 14kB for en.js. A nice property of this is that more translations can be added without increasing the JS size. While I was at it, I made also replace mt() function calls in cases where an exact TL string was requested without any additional arguments and/or formatting codes. This helped reduce the compressed size by about 1kB. My aim is to keep *all* the JS code of VNDB smaller than the jQuery core library, as a general "fuck you" towards users of large and bloated JS libraries. We must keep the VNDB page loading times lower than that of other sites, after all! Use the Makefile to auto-update static filesYorhel3-43/+9
Rather than trying to figure out what to update in the Perl code, duplicating the logic that's already present in the Makefile. This is only enabled when 'regen_static' is set to true in data/
2010-11-24Makefile: Reverted back to a single .PHONY targetYorhel1-17/+20
Apparently the trick didn't work, and for some reason I only noticed that now.
2010-11-22Reverted to the old selection box date selectorYorhel3-77/+21
This effectively reverts 799c9e44b1a1a7776609273733f67887a74e33bf.
2010-11-22Added basic validation of the filter stringYorhel2-6/+11
fil_parse() now checks for proper formatting of the string and ignores key/value pairs that are not the list of allowed keys. This makes it impossible to provide extra, unintended, arguments to dbReleaseGet(), such as 'results'.
2010-11-21Re-added the 'boolean or' message to the filtersYorhel3-5/+9
Doesn't look very nice; but serves its purpose.
2010-11-21Added 'close' link to the filter selector boxYorhel3-0/+9
2010-11-21Use ~ as value separator in the filter string, rather than a commaYorhel2-5/+5
It seems a comma has to be escaped in query string values. A ~ doesn't and thus makes the URIs significantly shorter.
2010-11-21Implemented the server side of the new release filter selectorYorhel7-71/+113
There's no validation of the filter string yet, and somehow I don't feel like adding that; it's a lot of code and there's nothing to protect - the values are inserted using parameters into a SELECT query, the worst thing that could happen is the user receiving a 500. Also, I've started using the perl '//=' operator, which was added in 5.10. This removes support for older perls.
2010-11-21Implemented the client side of the new release filter systemYorhel5-206/+433
This isn't entirely functional yet, the server side will need to be rewritten as well. And after that new filters should be added and this system should also be used for VN/producer search. script.js is getting quite large with all those new translation strings, it may be an idea to generate a separate .js file for each language and only load the one being used. I won't have a valid reason to feel bored anytime soon, at least...
2010-11-14SQL: Removed CREATE LANGUAGE plpgsqlYorhel1-3/+0
plpgsql is available by default in PostgreSQL 9.0, so there's no need for this statement anymore.
2010-11-14SQL: Added ON DELETE clause to all foreign keys referencing users (id)Yorhel4-27/+149
This makes deleting user accounts less error prone. It also seems I forgot to git add update_2.14.sql in an earlier commit, sorry about that.
2010-11-14Handler::Misc: Added title attribute to the feed cssiconsYorhel2-5/+11
This also gets rid of three perl warnings.
2010-11-14Makefile: Replaced .PHONY directive with $(phony ..) targetsYorhel1-25/+18
This is somewhat eaiser to read and maintain
2010-11-14SQL: Added WHEN clause to all TRIGGERs for which it was usefulYorhel5-153/+150
This effectively removes compatibility with all PostgreSQL versions below 9.0. The use of the WHEN clause has two major advantages: 1. Performance: Trigger functions aren't executed when they don't need to. 2. Easier and more general trigger functions; as some of the logic has been placed in the trigger definitions now.
2010-11-14Improved performance of update_vnpopularity() on PostgreSQL 9.0Yorhel2-1/+4
Back from 180s to ~5 or ~6 seconds. It used to be quite fast on PostgreSQL 8.4, but somehow the planner failed to generate a proper execution plan for that query after the upgrade. This query is fast 9.0.
2010-11-13Homepage: Added feed iconsYorhel3-3/+11
2010-11-13Added <link> elements for the related atom feeds to some pagesYorhel5-38/+30
2010-11-13Multi::Feed: Added Atom feedsYorhel6-5/+200
TODO: add links to these feeds from the site
2010-11-11Handler::Discussions: Fixed formcode bug with the quick reply featureYorhel1-0/+1
2010-11-11Handler::VNEdit: Fixed bug with reverse relation update of "official"Yorhel1-1/+1
The official flag of untouched relations wasn't properly copied from the old revision.
2010-11-11DB::Releases: Removed extra ON clause from JOIN releasesYorhel1-1/+1
I added this clause to slightly speed up the SQL query at producer pages, but it turns out to slow down release search queries by a factor 100.
2010-11-11ChangeLog version 2.13 bump2.13Yorhel1-1/+1
2010-11-11Bugfix: reverting a VN image now worksYorhel2-2/+6
This is a very old bug. Never fixed it before because I couldn't think of a clean/easy solution and it wasn't important to waste my time on.
2010-11-11Producer release listing: added dev/pub info and expand/collapse linkYorhel4-30/+44
It's an awesome feature now. :-)
2010-11-11Display releases grouped by VNs on producer pagesYorhel6-60/+96
A nice expanded view. It also happens to be faster than the old view in terms of SQL queries. (In most cases at least) Can be improved a little more by: - Adding an 'expand/collapse' feature to list only the VNs - Adding a column indicating the role of the producer (dev/pub)
2010-11-11Util::CommonHTML:revdiff: Removed encode/decode UTF-8 passYorhel1-6/+2
Algorithm::Diff::Fast can handle perl encoded UTF-8 perfectly fine, so the encode and decode functions aren't necessary anymore.
2010-11-11Replaced Algorithm::Diff::XS with Algorithm::Diff::FastYorhel3-2/+3
This module is cleaner, faster and has less dependencies. (didn't exist yet at the time I first implemented the revision diffs)
2010-11-11d2: Updated VN relations guidelines with the official flagYorhel1-0/+6
2010-11-10Multi::RG: Use dotted line to indicate unofficial status in VN relationsYorhel2-16/+17
Also fixed a minor bug with no change notification being sent to Multi when only the official flag has been changed.
2010-11-10Handler::VNPage: display "official" relation statusYorhel2-0/+8
2010-11-10Started on adding an "official" flag to vn<->vn relationsYorhel11-28/+73
This is the first part. The flag is stored in the database, can be edited through the usual VN edit form, and is displayed in the diff viewer. Things to do to make this feature fully functional: - display "official" status on VN page at the relation listing - update relation graphs to display unofficial relations differently - update guidelines
2010-11-10Removed (p###) from release resolution informationYorhel2-12/+13
Not very useful, anyway.
2010-11-09L10N-EN: Fixed tiny mistakeYorhel1-1/+1
2010-11-09Added human confirmation question to the registration pageYorhel3-3/+34
Just a simple question.
2010-11-07DB::Misc: Optimized dbRevisionGet()Yorhel2-18/+23
The code is a bit more complicated now, and it's not a lot faster, but at least this helps a bit.
2010-11-07Optimized random VN fetching queryYorhel2-2/+8
Similar to ab64b573846da39622b8d430b079d7e8806a35d3, but with a few more constraints as dbVNGet() is a more generic function. This and the other commit greatly improve the page generation time of the homepage. From ~250ms to ~110ms in my tests.
2010-11-07Optimized random screenshot fetching queryYorhel2-8/+13
By rewriting the query and using the trick documented here: Can be further optimized by putting an index on vn_screenshots.scr
2010-11-07d11: Tiny documentation fixYorhel1-1/+1
2010-11-06Synchronised sql/schema.sql with the actual DBYorhel1-1/+2
Looks like I forgot to add vn.c_search
2010-11-06Bugfix: delete/update all references when deleting a userYorhel2-0/+6
Really need a cleaner solution for that. PostgreSQL actually provides a better solution, need to change to that.
2010-11-06URL change: /u/logout => /u$id/logoutYorhel3-4/+8
Also fixes a cross-site request forgery vulnerability. Not as strong as the others but it's not very crucial anyway.
2010-11-06Fixed cross-site request forgery vulnerabilitiesYorhel14-21/+125
2010-11-03ChangeLog update for 2.122.12Yorhel1-1/+4
2010-11-03Lowered minimum search query word to 2 charactersYorhel1-1/+1
Searching for "ef" isn't really fun with all those results, this makes it slightly less broad.
2010-11-03Merge commit '086d6554714e29866fa14e5c9514f0af38826e04' into betaYorhel7-46/+55
2010-11-03Merge branch 'master' into betaYorhel6-48/+50
Conflicts: lib/VNDB/DB/ lib/VNDB/
2010-11-03L10N-RU: Email change of dsp2003Dmitri Poguliayev1-1/+1
2010-11-03L10N-CS: Translation updates and fixesNya-chan Production6-42/+51
2010-11-03Automatically remove duplicate aliases on /v+/editYorhel2-3/+13
And clean up the alias field before it gets inserted into the DB. Does not provide any feedback to the user, let's just hope our users are clever enough to figure out what happened.