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2022-04-23Add Inuktitut languageYorhel1-0/+0
2022-02-12Add Traditional & Simplified Chinese languagesYorhel2-0/+0
2021-06-22Add Hindu & Urdu languagesYorhel2-0/+0
2021-05-05Add Latin languageYorhel1-0/+0
2021-04-23Remove alpha channel from language icons; use CSS opacity insteadYorhel35-0/+0
2021-04-20Icons: Replace feed icon with SVGYorhel1-0/+0
2021-03-06SVG platform iconsYorhel36-0/+0
2021-01-20v2rw: Rewrite done, time to clean up old v2 codeYorhel7-1349/+0
2021-01-17Add Irish languageYorhel1-0/+0
2021-01-17Use SASS for CSS + static asset reoganizationYorhel1-1261/+0
2021-01-03AdvSearch: Add feature to save/load/delete queriesYorhel1-2/+5
2020-12-05CSS/homepage: Another attempt to make the link-hover underline show upYorhel1-2/+2
2020-12-04Minor styling/layout changesYorhel1-1/+2
2020-12-03CSS/homepage: Fix underlining on mouse-hover linksYorhel1-1/+1
2020-12-03CSS/homepage: Use CSS overflow to cut off long titles rather than on the serverYorhel1-0/+4
2020-12-03CSS/vnpage: Fix odd scrollbar showing up in ChromeYorhel1-1/+1
2020-12-03CSS: Use flexbox/div layout for tag/trait indicesYorhel1-3/+1
2020-12-03Homepage: Merge & relayout some boxesYorhel1-9/+15
2020-12-03CSS/vnpage: Fix overflow of long names in character summaryYorhel1-3/+3
2020-12-01AdvSearch/css: Fix minor alignment issue with parent filtersYorhel1-2/+2
2020-11-30VN::List: Add first character selection buttonsYorhel1-6/+7
2020-11-30AdvSearch: Fix wrapping of "simple" subquery rowsYorhel1-1/+3
2020-11-29AdvSearch: Draw some lines + move [+] button againYorhel1-1/+11
2020-11-28AdvSearch: Add release resolution filterYorhel1-1/+1
2020-11-27AdvSearch: Reorganize nested filtersYorhel1-6/+8
2020-11-16VN::Page/tags: A few styling improvementsYorhel1-0/+4
2020-11-15VN::Page: Experiment with a tag tree tabYorhel1-0/+11
2020-11-15Advsearch: Add release date filterYorhel1-1/+2
2020-11-10Add Persian languageYorhel1-0/+0
2020-11-07AdvSearch: Add developer filterYorhel1-1/+1
2020-11-04AdvSearch: Add buttons to delete & move fields into or out of a parentYorhel1-1/+4
2020-11-02Advsearch: Add dropdown to change nesting type + styling fixesYorhel1-4/+6
2020-11-02AdvSearch: Add function to add new fields + display nested queriesYorhel1-0/+3
2020-11-01Advsearch: Change model to be suitable for advanced searchYorhel1-3/+3
2020-10-31Advsearch: Minor UI tweaksYorhel1-4/+4
2020-10-30Advsearch: Attempt to make language filter more intuitiveYorhel1-2/+5
2020-10-28Fix Autocomplete dropdown stylingYorhel1-1/+1
2020-10-28Advsearch: Abstract a bit for Set-type filters + improve UIYorhel1-0/+2
2020-10-28Advsearch: Initial experiments with a new advanced searchYorhel1-10/+21
2020-10-16v2rw: Convert producers listing & searchYorhel1-2/+1
2020-10-15reviews: Allow anonymous voting + display overrule countingYorhel1-1/+1
2020-10-08notifications: Add subscription management UI + finalize DB migrationYorhel1-5/+18
2020-09-29v2rw/Tag::List: Re-use tag listing to implement trait listingYorhel1-5/+0
2020-09-27v2rw/Tags::List: Re-implement & improve the tag listYorhel1-2/+9
2020-09-22CSS: Make review boxes look less messy + make better use of spaceYorhel1-3/+2
2020-09-14JS: Add hoverable previous/next to image viewer.xy2_1-0/+28
2020-09-01Reviews: Hide up/down vote countsYorhel1-2/+2
2020-08-24reviews: Get rid of summary field & split mini/full reviewsYorhel1-4/+5
2020-08-19reviews: Add quick and dirty review browserYorhel1-0/+10
2020-08-07reviews: Add page for individual reviewsYorhel1-0/+11