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2016-01-23L10N: Remove all remaining traces of the interface translation featureYorhel1-3617/+0
2016-01-20L10N: Intern all VNDB::Util::* stuffYorhel1-255/+0
2016-01-19Move some VNDB::L10N stuff to VNDB::Func + intern VNDB::FuncYorhel1-35/+0
2016-01-17L10N: Intern blood_types/genders/(char|staff)_roles/discussion_boardsYorhel1-94/+0
2016-01-17L10N: Intern VN/producer relations + update relation graphsYorhel1-60/+0
2016-01-17L10N: Intern tag_cats/voiced/animated/*_statusYorhel1-84/+0
2016-01-16L10N: Intern languages/platforms/resolutions/media/ptype/rtype/vnlengthYorhel1-311/+0
2016-01-16L10N: Remove all translationsYorhel1-12230/+0
2016-01-10Require current password on /u+/edit + only hash password once on /u+/setpassYorhel1-10/+34
2015-12-30Combine some tabs in release filters to avoid line wrapYorhel1-31/+31
2015-11-28VNPage: Generalize seiyuu listing to character summary listingYorhel1-3/+3
2015-11-26Handler::VNPage: Move staff tab into main VN page + some styling changesYorhel1-48/+0
2015-11-11Misc poll improvementsYorhel1-11/+170
2015-11-10Merge branch 'poll' of into pollsYorhel1-0/+57
2015-11-10added poll error message.morkt1-0/+3
2015-11-10Merge branch 'master' into pollmorkt1-12/+12
2015-11-10Add 'has screenshots' filter to VN browserYorhel1-0/+36
2015-11-10Add language filter to staff browserYorhel1-0/+12
2015-11-01Remove 'you need to be logged in to edit this page' messageYorhel1-12/+0
2015-10-25Staff: Add error msg when removing used alias + fix bug in alias editingYorhel1-0/+12
2015-10-18discussion board polls.morkt1-0/+54
2015-10-03Rewrote screenshot uploader to support multiple files + use jsonYorhel1-0/+12
2015-10-01VNEdit: Give error on duplicate alias + improved msg on id/page errorYorhel1-0/+12
2015-09-20formValidate: Add json template and remove json_validate() functionYorhel1-2/+2
2015-09-20formValidate: Created templates for gtin and editsum fieldsYorhel1-12/+24
2015-09-20Update usage kv_validate() to upcoming TUWF 1.0Yorhel1-14/+14
2015-09-08L10N: Fix typo in board searchYorhel1-1/+1
2015-09-07Implement discussion board search functionYorhel1-1/+112
2015-08-08Hide sexual traits by default + Add profile option to change defaultYorhel1-0/+12
2015-08-08Add sexual trait toggle to character informationYorhel1-0/+12
2015-07-25L10N: Remove unused translation stringsYorhel1-108/+0
2015-07-21Add profile option for the default spoiler settingYorhel1-0/+12
2015-07-21L10N: Combine spoiler setting stringsYorhel1-144/+38
2015-07-21Add profile option for default visible tag categories on VN pagesYorhel1-0/+12
2015-07-21Add profile option to show or summarize tags on VN pages by defaultYorhel1-0/+12
2015-07-20L10N: Support plural forms for charrolesYorhel1-30/+30
2015-07-19L10N-DE: Translation updates + whitespace removalMarcel Weyers1-111/+113
2015-07-12L10N-ES: Various old and uncommitted fixesYorhel1-8/+8
2015-07-12L10N-DE: Various old and uncommitted fixesMarcel Weyers1-14/+17
2015-07-12d17: Document the interface translation procedureYorhel1-77/+3
2015-05-13L10N: Re-add _staff_as textYorhel1-0/+12
2015-05-13Changed layour of staff pagesYorhel1-14/+2
2015-05-13Add staff statistic to main menuYorhel1-0/+12
2015-05-13I18N: Add cleanup routine to + remove English text from tlsYorhel1-468/+468
2015-05-11New language: Catalan (/Valencian)Yorhel1-0/+12
2015-05-11Three new platforms: FM Towns, PC Engine, X68000Yorhel1-0/+36
2015-05-03Remove "script" role from vn<->staff linksYorhel1-12/+0
2015-02-16Various staff improvementsmorkt1-1/+13
2015-02-14Revamp staff alias editing interface + fix reverting removed aliassesmorkt1-39/+3
2015-02-03Conditionally append char IDs in seiyuu editor + minor fixesmorkt1-1/+1