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2011-01-01Implemented filFetchDB() and converted the VN/Release browser to use itYorhel1-1/+1
This will correctly handle fetching stuff from the database when permanent filters are enabled. This update also removes compatibility with some old VN browse URLs. The old 'ti' and 'te' (tag include/exclude) query parameters are now ignored, and searching for a language in the query string (e.g. "q=English") won't enable the language filter.
2010-12-19RFC-01: Code/DB cleanup and renamed some stuff for consistencyYorhel1-16/+1
2010-12-17Don't allow NULL for rr.minage and use -1 for unknownYorhel1-1/+1
This can be seen as a partial revert of 0a4f97f0186d6941a4cab2e3bd05201f1fed1441. I used to think using NULL for special values is more "correct" in database terms. But in the end I guess I should be aiming for whatever solution is easier. Both are "correct" in a sense anyway.
2010-11-27Replaced old VN advanced options with the new filter selection systemYorhel1-1/+1
Had to fix some bugs here and there and add some new functionality to the abstractions at some places, but it appears to be working now. There are still a few TODOs left, I'll get to those in a bit.
2010-11-22Added basic validation of the filter stringYorhel1-4/+10
fil_parse() now checks for proper formatting of the string and ignores key/value pairs that are not the list of allowed keys. This makes it impossible to provide extra, unintended, arguments to dbReleaseGet(), such as 'results'.
2010-11-21Use ~ as value separator in the filter string, rather than a commaYorhel1-2/+2
It seems a comma has to be escaped in query string values. A ~ doesn't and thus makes the URIs significantly shorter.
2010-11-21Implemented the server side of the new release filter selectorYorhel1-1/+27
There's no validation of the filter string yet, and somehow I don't feel like adding that; it's a lot of code and there's nothing to protect - the values are inserted using parameters into a SELECT query, the worst thing that could happen is the user receiving a 500. Also, I've started using the perl '//=' operator, which was added in 5.10. This removes support for older perls.
2010-03-13Improved VN searchYorhel1-149/+2
This adds a new column to the vn table: c_search, which holds the normalized titles for speedy search results using LIKE. Also split some functions from VNDB::Func that didn't require YAWF into a VNDBUtil module, so Multi can also make use of them. The normalization functions are the same for Multi and VNDB, after all. The API and Multi::IRC still use the old search, these should be updated as well.
2009-11-14SQL/L10N: Allow NULL for releases_rev.minage and make the values translatableYorhel1-1/+16
2009-11-09bb2html: Added [code] tag and fixed a minor bugYorhel1-5/+18
The previous version also had a problem with closing tags when a $maxlength was defined. With $maxlength, not all tags actually open a tag in HTML, after all.
2009-10-07L10N: Extracted release list statusesYorhel1-2/+2
Should be converted to enums at some point... integers don't do the trick here.
2009-08-17L10N: Moved some functions from to and added Russian quant() ↵Yorhel1-67/+1
and age()
2009-08-17Started on a framework for interface I18NYorhel1-1/+8
You can ignore the entries in lang.txt, those are simply for testing purposes.
2009-06-06Improved in the release resolution options + typo fix: unkown -> unknownYorhel1-2/+2
2009-05-31Func::monthstr: Output date in italics if the day is unknownYorhel1-2/+3
<RT> yorhel, in the browse view, can you put the date in italics when the first complete release date is not "fully qualified" ? e.g. 2008-08
2009-03-22Merge branch 'tagging' into betaYorhel1-3/+31
Conflicts: lib/VNDB/DB/ util/updates/update_2.3.sql
2009-03-14Handling of g# in Multi and bb2html, and IRC notify on tag creationYorhel1-1/+1
2009-03-07Cute interface for displaying tag scoresYorhel1-2/+30
...I could've also just used a gradient background image, which is easier to do and looks better... but I hate solutions that require external resources. >.>
2009-02-16Improved handling of excessive newlines and newlines around [quote] tags in ↵Yorhel1-4/+5
2009-02-06Made all BBCodes case-insensitiveYorhel1-7/+7
2009-01-15Fixed month display on VNBrowseYorhel1-1/+1
2008-12-29Added [quote] tag formatting, fixed URL parser, and updated d9Yorhel1-4/+21
2008-12-27[spoiler] tag produces mouseover-style spoilers instead of ROT13Yorhel1-4/+8
2008-12-17Moved age() to VNDB::FuncYorhel1-1/+16
2008-12-13FF2 style fixesYorhel1-1/+9
Three-box-layout didn't work very well together with the screenshots on the homepage and the CSS icon hack needed a &nbsp; to get rid of a strange top margin. With this, the following browsers should render all pages correctly: FF2, FF3 and the latest Opera, Safari and Chrome
2008-12-11Basic userpage + recent votes to VN pages + long-object-float bugfixYorhel1-1/+8
These changes are all pretty much related, so couldn't really do that in multiple commits.
2008-12-09VNList status indicator on VN pagesYorhel1-1/+16
2008-12-09Code cleanup: removed leading spaces and combined ↵Yorhel1-6/+6
DB/{Votes,VNList,WishList}.pm into
2008-12-02Started on the release pagesYorhel1-1/+29
2008-11-30Added small VN browser + searchYorhel1-1/+12
2008-11-15Proper display of deleted usernamesYorhel1-1/+8
Well, 'proper'... I should fix the handling of deleted users in the database, as the current solution is far from perfect.
2008-11-15Wrote revision and diff viewerYorhel1-3/+5
Character-level diffs instead of the old word-level diffs. Still only works on plaintext, though. Not really sure about the style, either.
2008-11-14Rewrote & fixed bb2html()Yorhel1-103/+65
The general concept and method is really the same, this version just does a few things different to ensure correct parsing and HTML output.
2008-11-12Added bb2html() and proper handling of bbcode on the producer pagesYorhel1-1/+119
The bb2html() function was written by 3dB a while back (as a replacement for the 1.x summary() in The function wasn't quite finished and still had a few small problems if I recall correctly, but I kind of forgot what did and what didn't work, so I just copied 3dB's code without modifications. Anyway, the producer page is now pretty much finished!
2008-11-12Added datestr() and fixed the release date display on producer pagesYorhel1-2/+23
2008-11-12Created VNDB::Func for a few small and often used functions, split ↵Yorhel1-0/+26
CommonHTML in LayoutHTML, and abstracted the browser generation I was planning to commit often, but I still end up doing everything in one commit >.>