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2009-01-19Made priority field on wishlist sortableYorhel1-2/+2
2009-01-19l/V/H/ Fix a grammatical errorapplehq1-1/+1
2009-01-17Put vn relations on top on r+ pagesYorhel1-11/+11
2009-01-17No page reload needed when changing rlist status from vn pageYorhel1-5/+24
2009-01-16Let VN search match on vn->original, and regard . and _ as spacesYorhel1-3/+3
2009-01-15Fixed month display on VNBrowseYorhel1-1/+1
2009-01-15Don't forget to update the vn.c_* columns when hiding/unhiding a releaseYorhel3-21/+29
2009-01-15Fixed a very old bug with the VN search matching on release titles of older r...Yorhel1-1/+3
2009-01-15Adding AGPL license, moving ChangeLog to / and adding source link to footerYorhel2-381/+3
2009-01-15Keep VN relations on r+ pages ordered by titleYorhel3-2/+4
2009-01-15Don't search for the ADV category when searching for the Game Boy AdvanceYorhel1-0/+1
2009-01-15Hide vote dropdown on v+ pages when the VN is already on the wishlistYorhel2-28/+35
2009-01-11Keep all names together on VN pagesYorhel1-6/+6
2009-01-10Don't show hidden release relations on producer pagesYorhel2-0/+2
2009-01-10Fixed some grammar mistakes related to singular/pluralYorhel3-3/+9
2009-01-10Fixed message when uploaded VN image >500kBYorhel1-1/+1
2009-01-10Repeat title and original title in the infotable on r+ and v+Yorhel2-8/+22
2009-01-10Limit account creation to one account a day per IPYorhel4-3/+11
2009-01-10Popularity indicator on VN pagesYorhel4-4/+11
2009-01-10Automatically recalculate the vn popularity daily using Multi::MaintenanceYorhel1-3/+11
2009-01-10Added VN popularity rankingYorhel3-3/+6
2009-01-04Added patch flag to releasesYorhel4-5/+13
2009-01-03Search dropdown calls the return function automatically on selectYorhel1-0/+1
2009-01-02Increased the width of the skin selectorYorhel1-1/+1
2009-01-02Got rid of perl warning when changing password but forgetting to fill out one...Yorhel1-1/+2
2009-01-02Added custom CSS field to user profileYorhel4-7/+15
2009-01-02Added skin parameter to override user settingsYorhel1-2/+2
2009-01-02Replaced the red title header with a red box on the bottom-left of the page f...Yorhel1-1/+9
2008-12-29Adding version as query string to .js and .css files to a force refresh on up...Yorhel1-3/+3
2008-12-29Updating changelogYorhel1-9/+1
2008-12-29Added [quote] tag formatting, fixed URL parser, and updated d9Yorhel2-4/+23
2008-12-28Fall back to default skin if the selected skin doesn't exist anymoreYorhel1-0/+1
2008-12-28Order skin list by their full name instead of directory nameYorhel1-1/+1
2008-12-27Re-added the release list dropdown to VN pagesYorhel3-4/+13
2008-12-27Fix for vndb-date-bug-thingyYorhel1-1/+2
2008-12-27[spoiler] tag produces mouseover-style spoilers instead of ROT13Yorhel1-4/+8
2008-12-26'All items' tab to multi-tab formsYorhel1-0/+3
2008-12-23CSS + skin generator fixesYorhel1-1/+1
2008-12-23Added skin selector to profile pageYorhel3-3/+9
2008-12-23A DRY appreach to skins: there's only one main CSS file nowYorhel1-1/+0
2008-12-21Basic skin generator + example skin for testingYorhel1-0/+1
2008-12-21Don't redirect to /u/ pages after logging inYorhel1-0/+1
2008-12-21Fixed first password input on user profile formYorhel1-1/+1
2008-12-21Fixed password recovery featureYorhel1-15/+14
2008-12-20Increased password length limit to 64Yorhel1-5/+5
2008-12-20Fixing typo in LayoutHTML.pmYorhel1-1/+1
2008-12-20Fix perl warning when adding a new VN with VN relationsYorhel1-1/+1
2008-12-20Fixing post-on-return bug in JS dropdown searchYorhel1-1/+1
2008-12-18Added redirect: /u+/votes -> /u+/list?v=1Yorhel1-0/+2
2008-12-18Sorting user list by votes doesn't sort hidden votesYorhel1-1/+1